What I would say to me 10 years past

So life just lately hasn’t been a bed of roses, more like a bed of thorns? Don’t worry, eventually things will begin to change, some of the changes you will like and some of them will be painful but all will bring you to the same point, each thing will help you grow.  Remember that everything to come is not going to be as bad as what you’ve already been through, from this point life is going to get better

You haven’t yet realised what an amazing woman you are, so strong, resilient, intelligent, creative and most of all unusual and that my lovely is your strength.  No you are not ordinary, you have already realised certain truths about life and this will only grow with time.   Keep going, your time is coming, read everything you can get on mind set, don’t throw that course on getting rich mentality away, keep using it as much as you can, it will only help even though you wonder if it does; IT REALLY DOES!  Get rid of those self-limiting beliefs, you deserve everything you want in life, money, happiness and love. Most of all you need to love yourself.

Whatever money comes your way, be careful what you spend it on as most of what you are tempted by will not work for you at present but there will be a moment in the future, and you will know it when you hear/see it, that you will need to take with both hands and move that booty.

I know you hate your job that you’re tired of working day in day out at something that doesn’t inspire you, which does in fact drain your energy, its hateful working with people that just don’t get you and who make it obvious they find you odd, it’s just you’re on a different spiritual level to them don’t let them change you to fit their ideal….I know you don’t but it’s hard and sometimes painful but it’s that which makes you special.

I’m not going to wish you luck because you don’t need it, you are already walking your path you just need to believe in yourself and surround yourself with like-minded people who will help you grow and keep your distance from negative souls, they will only pull you down.