The Ritz

Going to London to meet up with the other women from the 6 Week Accelerator Group didn't send me into the same meltdown that Florence did, I had it sussed, booked my ticket a couple of weeks before so I was set....at least I thought I was until I started to think about how I was going to get from King's Cross to the Ritz, I kept telling myself I'd got it sorted until I kind of believed it, but I really had got it. Florence had worked magic on me, confidence was now mine for the taking. I also met one of the other wonderful women at King's Cross and we shared the journey to The Ritz in one of London's famous black cabs.

One things for sure, if you attend one of Stacey Shaw's workshops, you'll not come out the same women as you went in, it's impossible.  To be part of a group of empowered women is awesome, inspiring and you can't help but be changed by the things you learn. Some of my Ahah moments was finding my zone of genius, I'd been majorly stuck with this one but it had been in front of me all along and when I'd laughingly been telling people I was in the zone, I hadn't been kidding, funny what insight can do......Oh sorry, you want to know what my zone of genius is? For me it's when I'm creating, my happy place, where time, food and life just isn't important but whatever I'm creating is too important to walk away from. I'm glad that someone has recognised that creativity isn't something you can just switch on, it arrives suddenly and you want to just go and create, right then because tomorrow you might not feel like it. The corporate world we live in doesn't pamper to creativity and creative people are stifled by corporate, no wonder we are seen as rebels, we're always trying to break free so we can create.