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Visualization and Manifesting your desires

I had a bit of a lightbulb moment last night just as I was getting into bed, it was about manifesting your dreams and desires (if you’re not into this sort of thing then you’re probably thinking I’m completely mad, it’s okay you can leave me to it if you’d rather).

I have been working on my vision board (dream board to some), I have all these lovely pictures of what I want and I kind of have pictures in my head but that was as far as I got, once I’d done my task set by my coach, I’d put it to one side.  How did I think this was going to work? That’s what came to me last night, how was the ‘Universe’ going to know what I want and manifest it if I didn’t think about it? So in order to help the Universe along I need to find the time to visualize exactly what it is I want, no vague thoughts but I need to ‘live’ it and by that I mean really imagine that I have whatever it is I want, the texture, smell, colour.

So if what I want is a new house what do I need to imagine? Well do I want brick, wood, white/brown windows, blue/white front door, how many bedrooms, lounge, big kitchen with diner and/or separate dining room? Do I want an Aga, what colour and style of sofa, chairs, open fire or multi-fuel burner, conservatory, snug, swimming pool?

It’s important for me to have a space of my own and I imagine the view from the French windows, which are open and a soft, warm summer breeze is coming through them gently stirring the edges of my silver, grey curtains. I also want a pool room, which is lit with soft blue lighting and a small waterfall in the corner, I can even hear my strokes as I swim through the warm water.

Now the universe understands what it is I’m looking for and that will hopefully help manifest my desire but I need to think about these things everyday which is why I plan on making a new vision board, so it’s more specific but it will only be about the house. The other desires/wants are more singular, I want a particular income so I need to think about that, I want to go on holiday and although I want to go somewhere warm I don’t mind where so happy with whatever comes up.

So if you are trying to manifest your desires they won’t appear out of thin air, or quite how you want unless you put some effort into visualizing what it is you REALLY desire.