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Self Care

The most important person is YOU, if you don’t love yourself or don’t care enough about yourself to make sure you come first then it is hard to give to others in a fulfilling way, you may resent the time or things that they demand of you, whereas if you give yourself the time to do the things you love then to give to others becomes so much easier.

Do you sacrifice your time or energy by not doing the things you want to because someone has asked you to babysit, dog sit, drive them to the game, cook their dinner, do their shopping and then do you resent it? wonder why you’re doing it, why you’ve gone without your meal, night out, evening in with a loved one?

For so long I have not loved myself enough to say no to others and I’ve cooked meals and then realised I have done nothing for myself, I’ve given up my sewing time because someone’s asked me to do something for them, I have given so much and had little in return and that has made me resent that person. 

If I’m honest I really don’t want to look after your dog every night while you go off and do your thing, nor do I want to get up early on my days off to let him out and feed him. I don’t want to cook your dinner tonight, I don’t eat anything you do, you’re old enough to do it yourself and to wash up after. I too go out to work full time so why is it any different for you?

I seriously sometimes feel that I’m empty of caring/feeling, I want time and space to do the things I want. If I had more time for myself would I really be happier to give others my time? I can see that it might work because I would be happier and more fulfilled. It’s a bit like the airlines telling you to put on your oxygen mask first and then help your child, without that mask you wouldn’t be able to help many, yes you might help one person but that would be it.

So now I need to create my life……………………….see you back here soon