#holiday #coach #meltdown


Okay, I have to admit to having a meltdown over my trip to Florence in May, at one time it wouldn’t have bothered me to be going somewhere new, assuming in my youthful arrogance that it would all be sorted and if it wasn’t then I’d sort it out. Now as an adult strange and unwelcome fears dog my every moment, I just couldn’t seem to get past the fact I can’t control what happens once I reach the airport in Pisa. I could have had all the hassle here in the UK by getting a bus/train to Gatwick and flying directly to Florence but do you think I could get the timings right so I wasn’t hanging about somewhere for hours? No, so therefore something you’d think simple suddenly became my nightmare.

I did ask if there were any transfer arrangements I could pay extra for but we were talking £300 plus, I could upgrade hotel and they would come and pick me up from Pisa and return me for my flight out but all of it was extra cost that was way too much for my budget, so there I was feeling panicky and totally out of my comfort zone on every level….pesky coaches, insisting on making you do things!

I was on the verge of contacting my coach to say, forget it! I can’t do this at this point, it’s too much to handle, I feel so uncomfortable, sick and it’s brought me to tears, I won’t enjoy it as I will be so stressed. I made a cup of coffee and went and sat in a spare office and sorted out my travel insurance (for the year, no less) by which time I had calmed down a bit and made the decision that I wasn’t going to take the easy, expensive option of getting a private car to pick me up from airport, I am an adult and I can sort out what options there are to get myself to the hotel, even if it is at night. So flight and hotel is booked….now I’m stressing about how I’m going to find fruit for my tea when I arrive….and I wanted to be a raw vegan because?