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Why do I Need a coach?

I have hired a coach, why do I need one? Great question and one I asked myself 😀
I want to build a business that will give me a living when I retire and something which will keep me occupied, plus the biggest thing, and to do it doing something I’m passionate about.

It’s also so I can leave my corporate job which I detest, a bit earlier than retirement age but still keep earning. 

I’ve already found some positives, even after our first session, although recognising where my time is going is only making me more resentful of my family but possibly making me defensive as well because I knew it already but now I have to confront it (I hate confrontation) if I want to move forwards.

The other thing I have discovered is that I need space of my own in which to do my stuff, I can’t keep tidying up areas in order to get equipment out nor is it practical to clear away everything especially when I’m in the middle of making something just so we can sit at the kitchen table or because it makes the landing look like a bomb site if I don’t! The practicalities of not being able to work late in the evening or night because someone’s gone to bed isn’t going to help either.

So a coach helps as a sounding board, keeps me accountable on my goals and moving forward. In two days I’ve already achieved one, I’m struggling with another but because I know come Thursday I want to have achieved it, I’m going to have to push myself regardless of the obstacles I perceive as I’m not sure if they are real or I’m self sabotaging.

See you again in a couple of days, keep smiling, you’ve got this 👍🏼