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Dear Coach

Well here it is, my first blog/post? I have no idea what I’m doing but doing something anyway.  BTW, I did do the washing up, I thought about it for a while but decided that it was actually important to me to have a clear sink, so I went ahead a done it anyway. It gave me time to think how I would start this blog but hey guess what? In trying to set it all up I forgot what I was going to say and it was going to be brilliant too!

I told you I was a rebel way back when and I most definitely was, I wanted to be different to everyone else, have my own identity not one that was forced on me by parents, peers or society. I really wanted to be special, important; of course money wasn’t even a thought so it wasn’t that that drove me although now it is more of an issue. I think I liked it more when it was only about me being ‘someone’.

I wanted to be a great swimmer, writer, teacher, mermaid (yes weird I know), guitar player, singer. I didn’t understand why I had to go to school, hated it and I went to a lot as dad was in the RAF, school was painful, bullying by peers and teachers. Hey just because my dad’s a great sportsman doesn’t mean I will be or even want to be one too.

Work? oh yes, the dreaded’ W’ word (anyone note it’s a four letter word?). Hey the Corporate world is full of bullshit, bullshitters and idiots…..Oh My, I’ve actually said it, I HATE WORKING FOR OTHER PEOPLE. Sadly though it is perceived as being a necessary evil, when did it become like this? surely in the beginning people liked doing or making stuff for others? When did they start having to work for someone else? Does anyone really think about this kind of stuff or is it only a few who question and wonder?

Anyhoo, I think I’ve bored you and myself enough for today. If I can work out how to use this again on Saturday I will do another post :-)