My learnings from Florence

Strangely some of the things I learnt when I went to Florence weren't what I expected, yes the journey there wasn't my best moment (it wasn't my worst either) but I didn't expect it to teach me that I hate travelling cattle class on the plane, no |I'm not being snobby, I simply hate the uncomfortable seats.  I also discovered that I like my comforts (didn't I just learn that with the plane seats?), my hotel was fine, basic but clean and the staff were lovely but I do enjoy those  little extras. When I met my coach Stacey at her hotel, I was a little early and as I sat there it came to me that this was the hotel I should have been staying at and probably was the reason I had intuitively chosen it for my intensive session.

I don't know if its an age thing and that my younger self would have been okay with it all as it was and that it was my older self that was dissatisfied but it doesn't really matter, I have decided that I would rather wait so that I can have what I really want rather than compromise, I'm no longer prepared to 'make do' any longer, I've done that all of my life for one reason or another, but no more, not for this girl.

Going forwards, this is about what I want and sharing that with others in a way that makes me feel good about myself. I've got this gorgeous!